An Open Invitation: The Crafty Community

I'm launching a new site, "The Crafty Community."  I've spoken with a few star crafty bloggers about this, and I've expressed my ideas for starting a community blog that really highlights the best of all crafty blog authors.  I've noticed that there are many popular blogs that appeal to mom's; yet, it's hard keeping up with all of them.  So, in effort to appeal to the largest target audience, I thought it would be a great idea to start a crafty hub blog containing the best of our collective resources.  Hence, the start of "The Crafty Community."

Being that this week is Thanksgiving break for us, I figured I'd look for some cute crafts to do with my own children, Riley and Jacob.  I found that though I started with Google, I was left unsatisfied.  I needed more creative inspiration... so, I turned to my fellow blog friends.  There, I found inspiration.  Why not highlight this creativity to a larger audience? 

It's simple... cross-post a 'teaser' of your normal blog post to The Crafty Community.  Our Crafty Community readers will click your links and this will spread like wildfire!!

Just to give you a bit of insight as to the power of a 'collective blog...'  We launched Teaching Blog Addict six months ago.  This site is a collection of about 70 top teachers who blog and post also on TBA.  Now, TBA is ranked the top teaching blog on the web.  Our authors are award winning and like a family.  If you're interested in doing what we did for teachers through TBA but for craft enthusiasts and moms, let me know! 

All you do is simply post a highlight of what you posted on your regular site... linking back to your site.  The Crafty Community is like a preview of all the best craft sites that link back to the best author's sites (like yours!).

I just bought the domain name for all of us, too!  I truly just started this hours ago... I know it will grow BIG TIME in a matter of days!! 

If you're interested, please contact me as soon as possible for I'll be opening this up to other readers soon and I can only accept a limited number of authors.  I'm excited about this new adventure!

If interested, please email Erin Klein at:  I'd like a link to your current blog showing that you:

- post about crafts
- are a follower of TBA
- post regularly

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