A Room in Your Heart

I feel as if I have the First Day Jitters! My name is Heather and I am one of the newest authors on TBA. I keep waiting to see if Tamara and Leslie take back the invitation. I am a First Grade teacher who believes that before you can reach their heads you have to touch their hearts! The kiddos God has brought to me are all at-risk children. I have taught homeless children, children with no running water and electricity, and children with little lives that are filled with too many burdens for little shoulders to bear...I teach the "tough" kiddos AND I teach the children who need my love and patience the most. I love to think of creative ideas to engage my children who think I hung the moon when we play compound word bingo with goldfish crackers! I would love for you to learn more about The Letter Snatcher, the Vowel-igator, Squawkers the Parrot, and coming later this week Mr. Gobbles- one of Santa's special turkeys!  =)

When you stop by my blog, I hope you love all of my *FREEBIES* because you will find TONS of them! But one of the things I hope you get when you hop on over to my blog is encouragement. Teachers are faced with so many obstacles: meetings, assessments, higher standards, parent involvement or lack of it, standardized testing, too much curriculum and not enough time, ANOTHER meeting, behavior issues, and more things than we can even begin to fit on our plates.

Please come over and read my poem "In This Room". I wrote this poem to always remind myself to look past all of those obstacles and remember "why" I am a teacher and how I want my classroom to be a room where they are walking into my heart.

From my heart to yours,

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