Shake it Up!

Hey Friends!
Denise here from Sunny Days.
I just thought I'd stop by to share two of my most popular freebies with my new friends here at TBA! I am still crazy over the moon excited to be able to say that ;0)

If you'd like to read more about how I came upon this idea, be sure to click {HERE} for more details including how to color the rice, but here's the short version.  Nestled among the colored rice are 20 word cards. Students try to mach the list of words on their answer sheet with a word from inside the, um, shaking it! The rice moves around in the jar and the kids try to get the words to peek through, much like these Find-it games that the kids love.

I have put together a file for you that includes everything you need to make your own synonym shaker - except the juice and rice of course. {I'll wait while you add that to your grocery list...} Click here to get the word cards and click the picture below to get everything else for the Synonym Shaker. Click over {HERE} if you'd like the antonym version.

Let me know what you think and get ready to shake things up a bit!

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