Treasured Tip - Simple Solutions!!

If you're looking for simple & easy solutions, here is a great one for you!

Welcome to my Book Hospital!!!

I have a large classroom library and 150 not so gentle students.
I purchased everyone of these books out of my own pocket and HATE when they come back in poor conditions.
I created the book hospital for $1!!!!!

I bought the plastic bin at the dollar store and designed the cover on my computer.

Every book that returns to me in poor conditions goes to the hospital.
Since I wear so many hats, I'm now also the Book Doctor!

I take it home with me when there are 5 books in it and "fix" them up!

My favorite "surgical tool" is clear packing tape!

Check out my books after surgery :)

I forgot to take "before" pictures but believe me they were not looking good!!!

A simple for CHEAP solution to save books!!!!

Here are is a picture of my  ❤ classroom library  ❤

❤ DEAR Time in my room 

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