Welcoming The Newest TBA Author!!

Hi there! 

Thanks to TBA for turning the blog reigns over to me for a quick introduction.....

I'm Courtney from A Middle School Survival Guide and ....{drum roll, please....}....newest author here at TBA!

What do I teach, you ask?  It's difficult for me to identify with just one grade level or subject since my assignment changes from year to year! BUT, I guess that doesn't really answer your question.....

I am a middle school teacher who has taught and/or currently teaches grades 6-8 math, science, and language arts as well as special education resource room.

Mostly, I blog almost daily about science and math ideas for the upper elementary / middle grades.
But you'll also spy lots of posts for ALL grades here and there!
Sometimes I blog about boyfriend's first grade classroom. 
{Confession: I am a younger-grades-teacher at heart.....so I live vicariously through him!}

Everything I create and share on my blog is free. Yup, you heard me, F.R.E.E.

I can't wait to start blogging here for TBA! 

Until then....
come on over and follow at A Middle School Survival Guide!

Please leave me a comment when you visit...
I'm SO looking forward to meeting all you bloggers out there and sharing ideas!!