What a powerful comment!

A close friend of mine just left this comment about Ron Clark's latest book, The End of Molasses Classes, that TBA is currently having a book study on. It was so powerful and inspiring that I wanted to share her comment with you! I have goosebumps as I type this post and you'll see why when you read my friend's comment below. 

After you published this post, I reserved his book at the library. At that time, I noticed he had also done a book on cd so I reserved that also thinking I already have so many books to read, having someone read to me would be a treat and I would get to it faster. Boy, am I ever glad I did! Hearing him read his own book has been such fun since he can interject his inflections and passion into each story he reads! From the first words on the cd, you can hear how much he loves what he does. And being a southern girl myself, I love-love listening to his accent! Ha. 

And, an added bonus that I wasn't expecting: my kids (Tamara knows them but for the blog world they are girls 14 and 11), LOVE to listen to him too! When they get in the car, they ask for his cd to play instead of music. BTW: we like to listen to them over and over so we've bought our own copy. :) They both want to be teachers when they grow up and already want to implement his strategies. They wish THEIR classes were like this (I have told their school about his book so hopefully they'll read it and get some terrific ideas). We've talked about how just because some of their classes as kids are "molasses" doesn't mean their classes as teachers have to be. My oldest said, "When I'm a teacher, this is the book I'm following." It makes them already want to be teachers - RIGHT NOW. I know Ron Clark realizes the impact he is having on the kids at his school and the educators that visit his school. But, through his cd's in this Mom's car, he's having a huge influence too. Mr. Clark, if you ever read this blog comment, I want to say, "Thanks for having a positive influence on my kids. May God bless you."

From me: I never even thought of listening to the audio version in the car but I would love to AND I had no idea that kids would love to hear him read his book as much as adults!

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