ABC's and 123's...the FREE kind!

Eight more days but who’s counting? Um, me!!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job. But, there comes a time when Santa, presents, cookies, and parties take over the mind of every five year old child and make them a little cray-cray. Yep, I said it. They become these hyper, unfocused, overly giddy little people. It’s as if they are going to burst at any moment.which leaves me with lots of deep breathing throughout the day. LOL. Did I mention that we are report card testing? Here’s how that goes

“John (made up name, haha), can you read these words to me?”
“Uh, huhyes, can, noum, do you know what I asked Santa for? And mom said that.and my favorite ornament is.” And so on. HAHA! Gotta. Love. Them.

So, today I was thinking about what we need to work on before the end of the break and came up with these little worksheets. I thought I would share. Come by and grab them. 

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