Getting Kids Started Writing Words Phonetically, and How to Make Clay Snowmen!

These are teacher made sample snowmen after glazing and firing.

Have you ever struggled with moving your Kindergartners from writing only words they already know how to spell into taking the risk of writing new words that they don't know, just as they sound?  Then come on over to my blog this week and check out my post on how to get kids started doing just that!  I posted my entire lesson plan on how I did just that, and included a FREE DOWNLOAD of the materials you need to get started, as well!

These are student made snowmen before glazing and firing.

 Also, just in time for the holidays, here's an idea for those of you with access to a kiln:  clay snowmen!  This is an adorable project, and one that children can do with a minimum of adult intervention.  I still have the clay snowmen that my own children made for me when they were in Kindergarten, and the childish "smooshiness" of them still make my heart melt!  And this is the kind of thing that will live on for years and years, since these ceramic objects last a VERY long time- unless dropped.  My own mother still proudly displays a ceramic dolphin that my 50 year old brother made when he was in the third grade!  So come on over!

Happy Holidays!


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