A Holiday Wish

On my blog I reflected about the holidays. I wish this for all of you:

Please remember to appreciate this time with your family and friends. Appreciate the fact that our world stops on Christmas and that we have an excuse to sit and embrace those we love and may not always get to see. It is truly something rare. As a child, and a child of people, in which the world keeps moving regardless of the holiday you celebrate so that you are always playing catch up, you learn to value the importance of this idea (even if I didn't understand it as much until I was older). Our society doesn't stop on any other holiday, for any other religion, and not even on Thanksgiving anymore. Christmas is, in a way, a holiday for all - because we all just stop; We just breathe; We just are - wherever we are, with our family, whomever we choose them to be. It does not matter the way in which you honor it - be it with potato pancakes, chinese food, ham or turkey - appreciate those with whom you share it. 

I also hope you'll stop over by my blog and read my own little holiday story.