Linda Outman High: Educational Consultant

Linda Outman High is offering discounted workshops for TBA readers!

Linda Outman High, New York Times bestselling author of books for children and teens, is offering discounted school visits for 2012.  Linda’s school presentations include an assembly titled “Writing to the Beat of a Different Drummer,” which may be presented up to three times per school day, with remaining time spent on writing workshops, readings, and book discussions. 

In the hour-long assembly, Linda discusses with the audience ways that real life, family, memories, and pets may be integrated into fiction, and she instills the idea that  every person has a unique story to tell.  Linda focuses upon aspects of the writing craft such as setting, plot, voice, characterization, and details.  

Linda Outman High holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College, and she has been presenting at schools from K-college for the past 20 years.  Linda Outman High’s school presentations are guaranteed to spark creativity and excitement in even the most reluctant of readers and writers!   

Teachers find inspiration and ideas in Linda’s techniques, and many report using her prompts and exercises many years after the initial school presentation.  Linda is also available for author-in-residence weeks, as well as for professional development and teaching training seminars.  Info may be found on, and she may be contacted at 717-572-7152 or   

Spark your creativity, teachers, and watch your students glow as they realize the dream of writing that shines.  Linda lives in Lancaster County, Pa., and she will travel as far as airplanes can fly!

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