Winter Clipboard Surveys are here!

While teaching Pre-K, each child in my class has their own job everyday {read more about that here}.  One of those jobs was the Survey Taker.  This job entailed asking each classmate the survey of the day and reporting the results at circle time. 

But, these Clipboard Surveys could be used in other grades as well.  For instance,first graders could use the surveys to collect data and then create a graph based on their data.

Here are the 3 available versions of the Surveys (24 Surveys in each pack):

survey_know_you  survey_know_you_02

Getting to Know You Surveys {Teacher’s Notebook Store}

survey_fall  survey_fall_02

Fall Clipboard Surveys {blog post}  {Teacher’s Notebook Store}

survey_winter  survey_winter_01

NEW!!! Winter Clipboard Surveys {blog post} {Teacher’s Notebook Store}



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