Literacy Cafe Now Serving...

I'm almost finished with my classroom door. I made some literacy cafe posters to finish it off. Click here to check them out.

6th Grade Scott Foresman Reading Street Resources

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Behavior Report Download

When students misbehave, provide an opportunity for them to reflect on their behavior. This can be accomplished by having them fill out a stop and think form, or behavior report

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Classroom Library Complete!

Come see my newest classroom creation!

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Making Sense of Go Math

As promised, I put all my notes together from a workshop that I attended on the Go Math series for Florida.  Click on my button to head on over to my blog for your copy!

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Twitter Tips for Teachers!

If you're not on Twitter yet, Click Here to see how it can benefit you!

If you are on Twitter, Click Here to see how to grow your PLN and find Chats!

I started my Twitter account in 2009; however, I didn't start using it until 2011... now, I couldn't imagine not using Twitter.  It's my most favorite way to network with others, and it's fun, too! Join me at: @mimadisonklein

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My Acceptance Speech! ; )

Hi all!  Stop by an read my acceptance speech as the Honorary Queen of TBA! (By the way I'm now up to 472 Teaching Blogs!!) You can also find out why I haven't been posting much recently!  Click HERE to read!
Thanks! Nancy

The Apple Basket Teacher
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Pinterest-Inspired Story Map Poster {with Post-Its!!!}

I've been at it again...I spend sleepless nights browsing Pinterest for new ideas {mostly for the classroom!!!} And guess what, I found another one... A Story Map Poster with Post-Its!!!

Come visit me at Create-Teach-Share to view my most recent pinterest-inspired project. It's a neat idea that can be used with students of all ages. Plus, I also created a FREE printable to go with it!!

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More iApp Winners!

Come on into The Teacher's Lounge to see if you are a winner! One lucky teacher won BOTH apps!

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Writing Folders part 2

So many of you loved the folders I posted yesterday that I decided to come back with a freebie. Why you ask? Well, because I am so grateful for all the wonderful comments of course.
Take a peek.
 Hop on over to my blog to get the freebies. Just click on the button below.

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Who Loves to Shop?

Come on over and check out my new sight word packet. It is gigantic... Click on my name!
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TBA Linky Workshops!

TBA Linky Workshops
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Kindergarten Blogs

Like many addicts, I keep a good list of blogs that I follow. I love using Google Reader to stay up to date but also keep the same kinder blogs I follow in a sqworl to share with my readers.

Enjoy a bit more blog hopping - and if you're a kinder blogger - be sure to submit your blog to be included in this list!

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Dicey Linky Party!

Hurry and get your link in... just a little over a day left to add your fabulous ideas!

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Common Core Assessments Made Simple

They're here, they're here - finally they're here!

Hop on over to KindergartenWorks to see how I've paired up with two other K teachers to make life this year more simple on us all by creating all-in-one Common Core Assessment packets!

Swing by now and jump in on the chance to win a packet! FREE!

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Are you familiar with the San Diego Quick Assessment?

Hop on over and check out some info on this quick assessment to give students at the beginning of the year for small group placement in reading...

I've used it from Kindergarten up to 7th grade...but it goes higher.


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Handwriting Help

Come on over and give me some advice....we are making the switch from D'Neilian to Zaner Bloser!
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The Book Whisperer Read Along- Chapter 7

The last chapter....sad? exhilarated? motivated? everything and more? Me too.

Share your thoughts with these wonderful hosting blogs for Chapter 7...

First Grade a la Carte

Lessons Learned


Don't forget to head over to Thinking of Teaching to link up with your own ideas!
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Six simple, free ways to teach academic vocabulary at any grade

Hi friends!  Today I wrote a post full of strategies for teaching academic vocabulary at any grade for every subject!  It's a must read!

Also, 4th-9th grade teachers, I have a something special for you so be sure to check it out!

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Who's Your Teamie Linky Party?

I know that we are all getting geared up for BACK to School and our thoughts are starting to go to our other "Family."  You know...your School Family:)  These are the people and children that you send the better part of your day with.  They are your support system~YOUR Friends.  
My Teammate and I were new together last year and I was a bit nervous about how we would gel but as most of you know...we didn't miss a beat.  In fact, we are more than teammates now.  We are good friends that have so many things in common.  Yeah,  I am a WEEE but older and wiser I might add but we have truly become a wonderful TEAM.   So,  I want you all to think about your TEAMIE...yeah I made that word up but I am a teacher and we are the BOSSES of the letters right?
Head over to The Schroeder Page and answer a few questions to LINK up.  I can't wait to read some of your Tributes to your TEAMIEs!

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The Book Whisperer- End of the Year Evaluations (My Thoughts and A FREEBIE)

Head on over to my blog to find out my thoughts about end of the year evaluations and how Donalyn Miller uses these in her teaching.  I even have a freebie for you after you read my post!

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Writing Folders

Want to know how I went from these
to these?
The answer is money. While the binders were just $2.00, trust me that is a bargain, the folders were just .15 cents! So I decide that this year I would save a buck and switch over.

Want to see how I made them? Just head on over to my blog, by clicking the button below to read all about it.

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Number Corner Fun!

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Go Bake! ~ A Short A & Long A CVCe Game Freebie

I've been working on word lists for my new Word Study plan for this year.  But it's so boring that I took a break and made this cute Go Bake! game.  Click {here} to get your own copy!

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Word Study Plan

This summer I came across Beth Newingham's Word Study post.  I used Words Their Way last year, but I wasn't entirely happy with it.  I decided that this year I'm going to try and use the same system Beth Newingham does.  Does anyone else use this format for word study and spelling throughout the year?  I would love to hear your thoughts if you do.  Click below to see the words we will be learning for the first 16 units.  I hope to finish up the units in the next week and then start on the weekly games!

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My can of cans

I can 
you can
we can!!
I made this activity to review the verb Can as a way to express abilities with my older students.
You can check for ideas and download the cards from my blog.

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I need some font help

I am still getting used to my new iMac.  So many little tricks to learn. I need a fat font that is in an outline form so that the kids can color , stamp or sticker within the letters and numbers.  I want it to look closely to that of the regular alphabet if that make sense. Can you help a fellow blogger out.  I looked at LD, but there were so many fonts to go through, my old eyes couldn't do it anymore.
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Zazzle Binder

Stop over to see how I made this really cool Daily Assessment Binder!  
I also posted a code for 40% off! 

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