Friday Art Feature

My little artists are creating another Fall masterpiece this week.  I even got brave and broke out the paints (which is saying a lot if you knew my class this year).  Come on over to my blog to see what we are working on ...


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Long CVCe Resources

If you're looking for some Long CVCe resources, stop by my blog by clicking on my button!

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Science Week: Balloon Rockets

In honor of science week, we're building rocket balloons and giggling as they launch.  
 Stop by Stay and Play and join us for a simple science experiment!

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YouTube = Tool for Teachers with the Launch of a New Channel for Education...

Did you Know that YouTube launched a new channel just for teachers?

Click Here to read more and get the link for your class!

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Fun Friday Freebies from Ms. M

I posted a couple freebies on my blog this week. Just in case you don't already follow my blog, I want to share them with you all too.

First up, 19 different "I Can..." sheets for your workstations/ centers.
Here are a few screen shots.
and there are 16 more! Click on any of the images to go to my post and see which one matches the theme in your classroom.

The second freebie I shared was a Writing Conferencing documentation sheet.
Writing conferences is something I am working on this year, and I hope this will help to keep me on target.
Click on the image to go to my post.

Want to see what my students created with the letter A?
Click on my blog button below.

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What if you could turn your PDF's into Flip Books?

How cool would it be to be able to create a flip book out of your PDF files?  Amazing, right?

Click Here to see How... for Free!

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Science Week Fun!

Need a little Science fun? Come on over friends and take a look! 

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Five Friday Freebies - Week 18

This week's Five Friday Freebies are available at Vintage Teacher.  Hope you stop in and visit.  You never know what fabulous finds await you!

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Dear TBA Friends,

Dear TBA Friends,

The Parent's Magazine Blog Contest is still going on, and we could really use your support for our sites.  If you could please take a moment and vote to support Kleinspiration, that would be wonderful!!

Each vote truly does count.  Thank you all very much!!  Please click here to vote for Kleinspiration.

Additionally, TBA is up for the award for Best All-Around Blog.  Please click here to vote for TBA.

Love and Hugs,

Erin Klein
author of
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7 Favorite Science Websites!

Thanks so much to TBA for hosting such an amazing Linky Party!

I invite you to check out my favorite science websites by clicking here.

Also, be sure to check out the Science Week Celebration and get all of the coolest finds to bring right into your classroom.  What a deal!

As always, TBA rocks!  What did I ever do less than a year ago without you?!?
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Our Planet Lapbook

Well, this week marked our first foray into the wonderful world of lapbooking.  Come on over to my blog to see our first lapbook project - The Eight Planets of Our Solar System.  Having one under our belts now, I can't wait to raise the bar and try a more elaborate lapbook next time!


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Guided Reading Organization

Do your primary grades teach reading through guided reading? If you're anything like me then learning how to do it is a real process. I'm now on the other side of the fence having a few years under my belt and love teaching using such a format.

Confession? I said going into college that I never wanted to teach first grade, because I didn't want the responsibility of teaching kids how to read. Well, now teaching the new first grade, (ahem) I mean, kindergarten, I do enjoy the entire process and watching their little minds figure it out. And as much as I've learned and "taught" kids how to read, I still think its a mystery how their little brains actually learn to do it.

The point? Since I love taking on organization as a challenge and a personal style, I'd love to share how I organize my guided reading binder that has made this more effective for me, so that I can focus on the really magic that is happening before my eyes during guided reading and not shuffling papers, calculators or gear.

Head on over to KindergartenWorks to see how organization has improved my teaching, allowing me to focus on my kinders' needs.

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Addition Fact Fluency

I've been thinking a lot about Fact Fluency with Addition after reading a fabulous article in Teaching Children Mathematics. Pop on over to my reflections on "Quick Image Math." I've got a video to share from our work this morning. If you're a teacher, you might glean something for math stations. If you're a homeschooler, you might get an idea for a workbox or partner activity.

While you're at it, join in the fun at the weekly Math Monday Blog Hop!

Visit past Math Monday Blog Hops.

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Fantastic video to prepare for science projects!

Have you ever realized that some of the best educational tools are invented by students themselves? While attending high school, Kevin Temmer noticed how students were dreading science projects, so he decided to do something about it. Since Kevin wanted to encourage others to participate in the science fair and pursue science careers, he created a video that simplifies the scientific process in an engaging, award-winning film. This unique film teaches science project terms right on the children's level and it is entertaining and very funny, too!

Kevin's animation has been featured on several sites including NASA, the National Science Foundation Knowledge Network, National Geographic Kids, PBS Kids, George Lucas Foundation-Edutopia, and Intel's Inspired by Education site.

Kudos to Kevin for inspiring children to love science!
Check out this video now. I guarantee you'll love it!

Kevin Temmer Presents: Prepare for the Science Fair


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Pumpkins-Letter Matching/Identification

To celebrate Fall, I uploaded a set pumpkin activities to help our littlest learners match and identify their upper and lower case letters.  The download includes both small and large pumpkins with either upper or lower case letters.  There are also two student worksheets which list the entire alphabet (either in upper or lower case form) for students to color.  I also provided some suggestions for use.

Come check them out!

~ Mrs. McKown
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Freebie Friday

TFreebie Fridays
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Classroom Freebies!

I wanted to be the first to announce to TBA readers the Grand Opening of a fantastic new blog called Classroom Freebies!  50 of the best bloggers out there sharing (what else?), but their very best FREEBIES!  Just for you!

If you head over to The Organized Classroom Blog today, you will be able to read all about how and why it was started and where you can go to get your Classroom Freebies for your very own classroom!

See you there!
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Science Week Linky Party

Share your knowledge about science with others.
 Check out my blog to share your favorite Science experiments and activities.

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I Can Fall-O Directions!

Do your students struggle to follow oral and written directions?  I have created an I Can Fall-O Directions booklet for Fall, which is available on Teachers Notebook.

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I Found a Jewel of a Blog This Morning!

 as the 
(I didn't name myself that...Tamara did!)I'm making a request that you stop by my blog and find the treasure that I discovered this morning!
I found an amazing teacher blog that teachers of all levels could gain something from and she only has 41 followers even though she's had her blog since August 2010!!  Come by and find the link to this 
I just saw that the only blog she follows is TBA!!!  Let's make her day and follow her!
Thanks, Nancy

The Apple Basket Teacher
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Simple Science:Glow-in-the-dark Slime

Stop by Stay and Play.  
We're exploring the properties of glow-in-the-dark slime and we'd love for you to join us!

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