'Twas the Month After Christmas

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

"One, two, the year is new. 
Three, four 10 is no more. 
Five, six, the clock ticks. 
Seven, eight, 11 will be great. 
Nine, ten, let's celebrate!"

Have a wonderful day!

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Snowman Love Sight Words

Happy New Year!

My little literacy learners need some practice and reinforcement with their sight words.  So this morning, I was busy creating a new product with cute little snowmen and hearts!  You could use these activities throughout the winter months and especially around Valentine's day to help reinforce the basic sight words our kindergarten students are learning.
It includes 45 of the earliest sight words on cards along with 8 different worksheets to go along with them.  I also provided an additional 2 blank worksheets for you to create your own combinations!

Come on by for more details!
~ Mrs. McKown
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Gigantic List of Math-Related Children's Books - Updated!

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Looking for new ideas in math? The gigantic list of math-related children's books has been updated once again! Come take a peek and get prepared for math in 2012!!

Great for living math in homeschool. Brings new, fresh life to curriculum. In school it also lends itself to curriculum integration and Common Core Standards!

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Happy New Year

Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

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Cute Crafts for New Year's Eve

Click Here to Get the Free Printables to Create this Festive Craft

great for doing as a family or leaving to complete with a babysitter

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Name Snowmen Idea

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Have you seen this idea floating around pinterest?

Hop on over to my blog and see how I integrated it with our curriculum.

Feel free to check out my Pinterest Account for other ideas I have found.
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How do you like the new TBA?


Look what I woke up to find!!! TBA's AMAZING Leslie redesigned TBA to make it more user-friendly and much easier to navigate. She was supposed to be taking a break from all the hours she dedicates to the blogging world but she surprised us all! Let us know how you like the new design.
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Happy New Year TBA!

Happy New Year TBA! 

I wish everyone the best New Year! I look forward to learning and growing together this year! 

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Fort Myers Blogger Meet-up

I had such a wonderful time with some amazing ladies (and a gentleman) last night. It was so nice to finally meet Charity from The Organized Classroom, Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade (with her wonderful hubby- he's a teacher too- and was taking the photo) and a few inspirational blogstalkers (one fan was all the way from Maine- so cool!) We talked about teaching and blogging for hours until the restaurant manager began to give us "the eye" to leave. I seriously think we could have continued talking all night long. My husband was happy to have a night of peace without any blog talk from me, well as much peace as he could have with the five kiddos. ☺ I feel extremely blessed to have met such incredible and passionate people. Wishing you all an abundance of blessings in the new year. Big hugs!                
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After Break Motivation

So it's that time of year... our kids have had several weeks off of school and we need to be creative in coming up with ways to get them back into school mode. Commence the Snowball Fight!  Come see how I motivate my students to get out of the Winter Break Slump and back into our routines @ Queen of the First Grade Jungle!

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New Treasured Blog! - The Best Endings

I wanted to introduce a new collaborative blog to all of you

The Best Endings - A Blog All About Books!

Hop on over and check out it out!!


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Ready2Read Level 2: Unit 5

We just finished our Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 5!!  We have combined both phonics and sight words in a systematic way to bring a hands-on reading program that really works!!  There are 34 pages to download in this unit and you can see each of the printables in action on our blog.  Hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to learn more.
Click on the picture...

Some of the items included in this unit:
Color by Number Sight Words
Roll a Word Family
Tic-Tac-Toe Word Families
Sight Word Graphing
Break the Sight Word Code
Popcorn Word Sort
and so much more!!

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Winter Art

Are you looking for an activity to keep your little one busy at home?
Need a cute bulletin board idea?

See how you can turn these household items into winter art.

From my home to yours,

Learning with Mrs Parker

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Is your New Year's resolution to create a teaching blog?

TBA has learned from the best, learned from trial {and lots of error} experiences when it comes to creating a teaching blog. This blog is run entirely on teachers volunteering their time and efforts with a combined pinch of creativity.

Due to time constraints {and teaching schedules} we can't offer one-on-one blogging help or advice. Yet we would like to direct you to a few sources that may just be key in helping you on your adventure of starting a teaching blog!

More on Blogging:

Blog Traffic School
Blogging Tips
24 Steps to Creating an Awesome Teacher Blog
Blogging 101 Expo
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Freebie Friday - the last of 2011!

Do you have a freebie that you'd like to share with teachers everywhere?
Then join TBA's Freebie Friday and  link on up with us.

Freebie Fridays

Each week on TBA we love to offer you the opportunity to link up
your freebies from the past week and have one place to find them
from all over teaching-blog land!

Please remember to link to your specific post!

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Save Time Cooking

Whether you are a public school teacher, homeschool mom, or anyone who manages a home, we could all use some cooking tips once in a while. I have figured out a way to save time cooking and have written an article on my website that explains more about the system that I use.

Check out Cooking Help and let me know if you have any questions.


How to Homeschool
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How are teaching blogs making a difference in education? 
Why do you think teaching blogs are booming and how are they directly impacting education? Please share your thoughts with us below.
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