And it's off!!!

The first ever virtual kindergarten teaching expo has just launched! Hundreds and hundreds of kindergarten teachers are making history at this very moment as they unite together from around the world to learn from one another! It's not too late to join in and grab your ticket to this incredible event as you can view the expo at anytime from any place.
Treat yourself to a makeover by attending the Everything's Kindergarten Expo (yes, you can even attend in your pajamas)! It'll be non-surgical, pain free and totally productive! 

You'll hear from 4 of the best teachers around who are bringing you ideas, experience and effective strategies to cover:
  • hitting the standards in the small moments throughout the day
  • how to implement rules, routines and reinforcements that make it all run smoothly
  • making writer's workshop work for you and your kinders
  • getting literacy centers up and running smoothly

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