Chinese vocabulary mats

Vocabulary word mats contains a selection of vocabulary organised into catergories, suitable for little children but you can use them with older children, too.
Mats are ready to be printed and laminated and given to individual kids to support  and encourage the use of new vocabulary. 

What can you do with vocabulary mats?
  • Play Hangman. Choose a word from the mat. Don’t tell anybody. Write the beginning and ending letter in the Hangman mat. Ask your friends to guess!
  • Build the words using letter tiles.
  • Use the words to write sentences or stories.
  • Write the words in alphabetical order by the first letter, second letter, etc.
  • Children take turns giving 'who am I' clues for a chosen word.
  • Sort the words by number of consonants/ vowels.
  • Find words that begin with (specify a letter).
  • Sort words by number of syllables.
  • Find words that end with (specify a letter).
  • Find rhyming words.


Click on the image to download the file

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