Evernote for Education via Citelighter: Highlight the Web!

"Evernote for Education"

 Ever wish you could highlight notes from your computer screen to save?

Sometimes, when I'm really lucky, I come across not only a great product or site - but also a great team of driven and passionate techno-wizzards!  I'd like to introduce you to the spectacular team at Citelighter...

Meet the Team!

What I love best is that this gifted team of innovators really are just how they appear... laid back, friendly, and cutting-edge!  After speaking with the developers, I couldn't wait to test drive this site.  

How can Citelighter help me?

As teachers, we are often taking graduate courses as well as supporting our students with similar tasks such as writing papers, summarizing articles, and justifying a stance on a specific issue or argument.  Regardless of the task - whether for ourselves or for our students - one aspect is certain: it is imperative to include proper citation within your document. 

Last year, when I taught middle school language arts, I worked with the students to understand the importance of maintaining organization throughout the research process - especially when it came to remembering which source went with which piece of information.  I only wish that I had Citelighter as a tool last year.

Take 2 minutes and enjoy the demo below to see why Citelighter rocks!


What exactly is Citelighter?

Citelighter is an intuitive online research platform that enables students and professionals to quickly find and record facts, cite sources, automatically create the bibliography and write better papers/documents all in the cloud.  Citelighter is a free productivity tool designed to help anyone who does internet research.

(it really is as easy as highlighting the text you'd like to grab)
- no worries... this is for reference... not to plagiarize directly into the paper

I know that Citelighter is launching at the most perfect time, and I'm excited to hear your feedback.  Recent studies show that 81% of all students will be taking at least 1 class online by 2014.  Imagine using technology as it was designed - so support learning... with Citelighter students can now focus on content and learning while having a safe place to store their important information.

 Save your Note Cards, Source Cards, and Reflections as you go... 
in One Simple Spot!

(add your reflections and comments directly under the information you grabbed) 

 After students highlight and grab the information they'd like to use, they can add personal comments below their pasted material they just grabbed.  I especially believe in this feature because students can add their thoughts as they're working.  Reading is thinking.  Thus, as they're brainstorming and pulling information together, they're able to include personal reflections along the way.  All of this information is safely placed into the Citelighter website.  Now, you never have to hear "I left my flashdrive at home" or "I know I emailed it to you...."  Everything is accessible in the cloud!

Word.  Google Docs.  Email.  Facebook

(save, send, or upload your work anywhere)

APA  MLA  Chicago

Citelighter is an easy-to-use academic research tool that utilizes a community of students to help you find valuable content, automatically cite sources, and provide an organizational framework for writing your papers.

Students are going to use the Internet for research.  
Why not give them a tool to properly cite their sources?

Connect today and follow the buzz with this great new EduTech Start-up!

Follow these simple steps to begin your stress free journey to learning:
The first 40 to sign up get upgraded to a FREE Pro account!
  1. click here to sign up for free (select the green 'get started' button)
  2. complete the short form: your email and password
 - be sure to answer the question "How did you learn about Citelighter"
-  answer "From a Blog" and under that prompt... type in TBA
-  first 40 users will be upgraded to a Pro account!!!

    Citelighter saves, organizes, and cites information for you while you research so you don't have to.

    Disclosure: Teaching Blog Addict has been compensated for the time spent on this review

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