Fraction videos for teachers

I have created a set of videos for ALL fraction arithmetic. These videos are actually meant for TEACHERS, though of course students also benefit.

Each video is like a mini lesson plan, or a guide for what kind of things you can teach for each fraction topic, because I include all kinds of varied problems about that topic. Basically, you see how I teach it, and then can use the same ideas. Especially good for student teachers and beginning teachers!

Each video is also linked to its corresponding video in Spanish.

  • Fraction videos, part 1

    Mixed numbers to fractions and vv., adding & subtracting like fractions, adding & subtracting mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, adding & subtracting unlike fractions, comparing fractions.

  • Fraction videos, part 2

    Simplifying fractions, multiplying fractions by whole numbers, multiplying fractions by fractions, fraction multiplication and area, simplify before multiplying, divide fractions mentally, fraction division & reciprocal numbers, a fractional part of a whole, and ratios and fractions.
Hope this helps,
Maria Miller

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