FREE e-book: All Children Can Be Great Listeners

As any teacher will attest to, all children need strong listening skills!  As a former preschool and kindergarten teacher, I often felt like I spent half the school day just working with children on their listening skills, since they are really so critical for young children.  This idea led me to publish a FREE e-book called: All Children Can Be Great Listeners.  You can read about the e-book it in my blog today and read/print/download your own copy.
The e-book introduces a 3-step technique for helping any child become a better listener.  Plus it includes 12 engaging activity suggestions and 20 fun worksheets to further hone these important listening skills.  If you're not interested in reading the blog post about it, you can just download the book directly from my kindergarten worksheets page (the e-book is in the upper right corner).  Enjoy!


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