Greetings from Sub Hub!

Pin It I am so excited to be able to introduce myself as a new TBA author and TBA Facebook administrator! I have followed TBA since I discovered teaching blogs and believe wholeheartedly in the philosophy and mission.

Here's a little about me. I am Rachel, a former journalist who decided to change careers and pursue teaching. I am certified in the state of Texas to teach elementary grades and also hold a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. However, due to budget cuts and bad luck, I have not been able to land a full-time teaching job. So I do the next best thing... sub! I have been subbing for three and half years now, and do a lot of long-term jobs for teachers on maternity leave. In fact, many students at the schools I frequent call me "the baby teacher."
Last summer, I decided to fully embrace my subbing expertise and start a blog for subs and teachers preparing for subs. The result has been Sub Hub: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Be a SUBstantial Teacher. I offer all sorts of little tidbits, but the products that have taken off have been my Emergency Sub Plans. I have a set of free ones on the blog, and just started selling a line of true emergency plans called Just Add Paper. I am also addicted to Pinterest and Facebook.

I look forward to getting to know the TBA community. I hope I can help even a few people out there be better teachers and subs.

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