How About a Book, a Movie, and an Interview?

For those of you new to Teaching Blog Addict, you may not know that TBA has its very own radio station!  You can hear all the current and previous episodes form the radio widget on the right sidebar!

I took a holiday break and am back in action for my regular show called "Chatting with Charity," where I will be having guests on to talk about various topics every Sunday at 8 pm.  I have a string of authors waiting in the wings to talk with me and I couldn't be more excited!

First up is Michael Buchanan from The Fat Boy Chronicles this Sunday, January 22nd at 8 pm at Chatting with Charity!  We will be discussing childhood obesity and what that means for kids in school that already have social pressures.  The book is AMAZING and there is even a movie that was just released this month too, which is getting rave reviews!

The authors have graciously donated 2 separate sets of autographed books and movies to some lucky readers of The Organized Classroom Blog!  Stop by today to read more about The Fat Boy Chronicles, watch the movie trailer, and find out how to have a reminder sent to you so your remember to tune in Sunday night at TBA Today's Chatting with Charity!

See you there!

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