Numbers 100-120 freebie

Right before the break I had my kids do a number spree. I am very happy to report that we did VERY well, but some of us got snagged up on that little fellow number 110.  Many of my students left in their zeros so we ended up in the thousands. So in order to help them out I created a couple of documents.

The above document will also help with sequencing those large numbers too!

I love the game Race to 100 so I thought why not make it go all the way to 200 as well. I think my kids will really enjoy this game and will make a great Math Work Station too!If you like what you see, please think about coming over to my blog to see some more of my ideas at Queen of the First Grade Jungle!

I hope that one of these documents is helpful for you! I also want to thank Hadar at Miss Kindergarten for her post on embedding google docs. I have been having so much trouble with that lately and her tutorial was perfect!

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