Oh Happy Day!

I am here to introduce myself to you as the newest member of TBA!
  My name is Krissy Miner:  I am a mom to two beautiful, fun loving little boys aged 5 and 7, a kindergarten teacher, an after school program director AND  blog creator/author of Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business (and these are just my BIG jobs). 
I am so honored to become the latest TBA Administrator to be added to the most dynamic blogging team I ever did see, among the greatest here in the blog world.  I am pleased to let you know that I have been added to the team to be TBA's site moderator.
I want to add, for Tamara's overflowing mailbox's sake, TBA is full to the brim and is not accepting new authors.  There is still a waiting list over a mile long, but you will all be the first to know when new applicants are needed.
More later, I'm off to school to do a little bit of teaching.  Have a fantastic day with the kiddos and I'll be "seeing" you around.

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