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TenMarks is a free, web-based program designed to help students learn math.  The interactive platform that TenMarks has created seeks to connect teachers, students, and families, in order to personalize math instruction for every learner.  TenMarks has created their program a very basic algebraic formula: student engagement + personalized curriculum = better results.  In this review, we will take a look at how TenMarks has is working to achieve each portion of the above equation.

Student Engagement

Students love the individualized attention and and personalized approach that TenMarks  provides.  The interactive learning system allows for each student to learn at the own pace, on their own time.  The pressure of being the first one done, or getting "stuck" in class disappears with the TenMarks, and all types of students can take on what they are ready for, while spending that extra moment on the parts that are more challenging for them. 
TenMarks also does a very nice job of keeping parents engaged, providing immediate feedback to parents on both successes and challenges.  Beautiful, customized progress reports are available, and best of all, they are real time, so there is no waiting until the end of a marking period or for the work to be sent home.  TenMarks understands that involved parents make better students and they strive to provide tools to help parents stay informed and prepared.

Some of the benefits that students of TenMarks enjoy are:
  • Interactive worksheets on bite-sized topics
  • Hints for when they get stuck, steering them closer to a conclusion
  • Video lessons guiding them to success
  • Easy to read progress monitors and work flows
  • Reward Zone for tasks completed

TenMarks is a highly effective tool that meets the needs of all students, regardless of grade or achievement level.  A quick look at their Youtube channel will find videos for basic number operations all the way up to complicated equations and theorems, and everything in between.

TenMarks is a fantastic tool for those in need of remediation and those who are advanced learners.  For students that want to work a bit ahead to those who need a bit of a refresher.  Every student fits the TenMarks model, as it it intended for every student, in any classroom, anywhere. 

Some common successful uses for TenMarks include:
  • Homework and after school programs
  • Intervention or Remediation programs
    • including RTI (Response to Intervention)
    • the immediate feedback and measuring tools are extremely helpful to educators.
  • Enrichment/Acceleration
    • Anybody know that student that just has an unquenchable thirst for math?  This is the program for them.  They can try on the new set of problems, or try more difficult sets of the same unit. 
  • Formative Assessment
    • Immediate feedback to help teachers determine what to teach before the summative assessment. 
  • Special Education
    • Extra practice with Mom and Dad's support goes a long way
  • Blended Learning
    • Why hang out at the smart board all day?  Practice at home, discuss in class.  If you're not ready to completely flip the classroom, but want to spend more time teaching your students as individuals, this is the way to go.                                             

TenMarks is also an incredibly versatile product that can help curb math anxiety.  The foundation of TenMarks' curriculum is based upon common core standards, in conjunction with a student's individual achievement and background knowledge.  The individualized curriculum then advances to allow the student to move at their own pace, taking on challenges in bite sized pieces.

The bottom line of all of this: the videos, the hints, the worksheets, the feedback; is to achieve a result.  While some schools may focus simply on standardized test scores, and some will focus on the scores of this year's 4th grade vs last year's 4th grade, I believe TenMarks has it right.  They are focused on the student. 

TenMarks website and fanpages are covered in testimonials from teachers, parents, and students. Most of those testimonials will tell you that the students are more engaged, having fun, and Oh, My goodness, they like MATH?  Right there, TenMarks has achieved 90% of the battle.  Test scores and achievement will come up just because the students are more engaged.  And while every classroom and student are not the same, many TenMarks classrooms are claiming to increase their test scores in as little as 6 weeks. 

Additional Information

TenMarks stays current and in touch with their students and teachers in many different ways.  You can view multiple videos on their YouTube channel, follow on Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter.  TenMarks also conducts a handful of challenges annually, including the TenMarks-A-Million Challenge running currently and challenging classrooms to answer 1 MILLION math questions.

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Disclosure: Teaching Blog Addict has been compensated for the time spent reviewing this product.  

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