Product Review: Vocabulary Spelling City

VocabularySpellingCity  is an educational website that allows teachers and parents to register for free accounts where they can enter and save word lists.  You as the teacher or parent can create spelling or vocabulary lists to help your students, or import the lists already provided within the site.

Premium Membership are available that feature additional benefits like automated student record keeping and access to Premium games and vocabulary content. VocabularySpellingCity currently has 850,000 registered users worldwide, and receives over 53 million page views each month.

These lists can then be used by their students to play a variety of interactive learning games, including HangMouse, Unscramble, Word Search, and Premium Crossword, plus writing practice activities. They can then take spelling and vocabulary tests within the site and receive instant feedback.  Here is a look at some of the games in action:

The difficulty level of the games can vary a bit, however with 25+ gaming options and multiple word lists, there is always something available at the proper level for each student.  Many games use a simple drag and drop function, while others can get a bit more complicated. 

The screenshots below give an inside look at Unscramble and HangMouse, 2 very popular and user friendly games available to help facilitate learning at young ages. 

Hangmouse: Choose Letters to Spell the Word.
Unscramble is Available for Words and Sentences

Another very popular title is Letterfall, available only to premium members, which requires a bit more action, time sensitivity, and coordination skills.

Letterfall: Catch the letters to spell BAT

As your students grow, VocabularySpellingCity will grow with them.  When we move past spelling and basic definitions, we find options available for parts of speech, geography, math, and science, at all grade levels. I've used this site with my middle school students last year, and I currently use it with my second grade classroom this year.  They love it!

Which Word: Parts of Speech
Break it Up: Compound Words

The options and lists available will take you all the way to high school, and are very helpful.  Vocabulary, spelling, matching, and other tools are available for many subjects through middle school, and allow a student to learn utilizing the same system for many years.  My students love when they can interact with the site via our SMART Board or even when I simply pass around our wireless mouse, letting different children have a turn with the engaging applications that Vocabulary City has to offer.  

8th Grade Math Vocabulary Matching

From a student's perspective, the games are fun, challenging, and provide a level of instant gratification that is not always available when studying.  For each list, a child can then take spelling and vocabulary tests within the site and receive instant feedback, helping them focus on target growth areas while helping to validate what they've already learned.

Vocab Test
Instant Results

Teachers and parents will love the user friendly printables sections, worksheets, and the ability to create custom lists and plans.  Teachers using the premium plan also have a tool available for creating and maintaining an online grade book.

The site really allows for differentiation and specificity regarding content.

Please check out the video below in order to learn a bit more about this fantastic learning tool for your students.  You'll enjoy the quality of the site and how easy it is to navigate!

If you are interested in getting started today, you can go toVocabularySpellingCity and click the blue register button in the upper right corner.

Congratulations to VocabularySpellingCity on creating a wonderful product that will adapt with our students as they learn and grow.

Disclosure: Teaching Blog Addict has been compensated for the time spent on this review.

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