Treasured Tip - Cooperative Group Learning!

My kids absolutely LOVE Cooperative Group Learning opportunities!!! 
And when you find something students love you just need to ride that horse!

We just finished reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins so I went ahead and created a fun activity for them to complete. Much better that a traditional Q&A.

I like turning this into a competition for the kids to spice things up!
I always reward the first 3 whole complete the assignment the quickest.

The activity is available for purchase in my store for $2.50
{click on the image above to buy it}

Here are some pictures I took of the kids completing the activity. My kids love & appreciate any excuse to get out of their seats & work together!!! It was amazing how much they learned & how well they completed the activity!

Now how do you say no to that?!?!?!?

I wish I could transfer their enthusiasm that day for the activity to this post!

Happy Cooperative Learning!


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