What Were 11 Positives Added in 11 in Your Life?

Hi!  This is Nancy from The Apple Basket Teacher.  I finally finished my post/linky of 11++in 11 (11Positives Added in 11)!  2011 contained many challenges, but I wanted to focus on all of the new things that were added to my life that have made me a better teacher & person. {of course I think anything that makes us a better person automatically makes us a better teacher!}  Stop by and see my 11 things that were added to my life last year that have had an positive impact on me!  I'd love you to join in on my Linky Party and find out who & what was added to yours! {I can use all the positives I can get right now!}  Your 11 can be blogs, sites, people, quotes, ideas, strategies, books, concepts, causes, ...you name it!  I hope you'll drop by!  

The Apple Basket Teacher

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