The best Freebie Friday ever!

Tomorrow (Feb. 3, 2012) teachers everywhere will be dedicating Freebie Friday to an amazing TBA author that has gone to be with the Lord, Pamela Woods of The Vintage Teacher. To pay a tribute to her, please post her button on your blog's post on Friday (even if you do not have a freebie). Below is her button code.

<center><a border="0" href="" target="_blank"><img src="
" /width="125" height="125" border="0" /></a></center>

Use the "Edit HTML" tab to copy and paste her code into your post. I know she will be smiling down from heaven because freebies were her favorite thing to post about. She absolutely loved them!

Teachers Notebook has honored her family's request to list all of Pam's products for free as her family feels that is the legacy Pam would have wanted to leave for teachers everywhere. You can visit her store HERE to see her amazing products. So Pam will also be participating in the best Freebie Friday ever.

Pam loved teacher bloggers and helping others. HERE is a post she wrote about TBA. If you did not know Pam, she was one of the first intermediate bloggers and she has laid a strong foundation for many to follow. She was always willing to help out new bloggers get started and was very encouraging to any that knew her. She made history and an impact that will live on and continue to bless others.

I am still in awe over all of the comments teachers have left HERE. There have been tens of thousands of visitors to her blog this week, along with new followers to show their love for Pam. Her family is VERY appreciative for your comments. Here is a note from Pam's family-

Pam was a dedicated teacher for years and education was always an important part of her life and the lives of those around her. Pam was a friend to many and helpful in providing insight and educational tidbits to others when they asked for help. Outside of education, Pam was involved with her church family and maintained relationships with family and friends over facebook. 

Pam will be missed by many and will always be remembered for the impact she had on education and children.  Thank you for following her blogs and being a part of her life. As her family and friends, we are sure that you had a positive impact on her each and every day.   Thanks for honoring her in this way and helping us share her story with others.  

We can't wait to show our love for Pam tomorrow!

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