Freebie Friday in Honor of The Vintage Teacher

In honor of Pam, The Vintage Teacher, I dedicate today's freebie:  an 11-page figurative language teaching tips eBook.  Pam also wrote for my collaborative blog Classroom Freebies, and the news of her passing was tough.  In fact, I cannot even bring myself to take her logo off the sidebar there.  I have unlinked it so that fans will not be confused if they end up on a blog that will no longer be updated, but I would like to think that the teacher in the logo looks down upon us to make sure we are sharing our work with the world.  Thanks for the reminder Pam and thanks to everyone who has left a message in thanks to Pam at her blog for her family.

Here's a Freebie Friday for you Pam - just like you would have liked!

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