Does your district have an education foundation? You should check! Local education foundations exist to help you and your students! In my district grants are given in the spring. In some places grants are given right after school starts. And some very lucky districts give grants in both the fall AND spring. Lucky dogs!

I have a couple of tips for you:

1) Whatever you are wanting/needing make sure it's something that you can share with other teachers or that can last for several years. For example, science kits, iPads, math games, software, etc.
2) If you are writing a grant for some type of technology like iPads or software get the ok from your Technology Department. Ask them if they will ok updates or consider maintenance if your grant is given.
3) Spend some time writing your grant. Include price, how many students your grant would help, how your item could be incorporated into your current curriculum, etc.
4) If you would need training for use of your item who would pay for the training?
5) Last year one of my teammates wrote a grant for each first grade teacher to have an iPad. The total price exceeded the max amount that a grant would give by just over $100. After speaking to some people in the district there was some money that had been budgeted for our grade level, but had not been used. That money paid for the remaining funds!
6) **Have several people read over your grant application! Make sure there aren't any errors and that you sound professional!

Good luck on all your grant writing!


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