It matters

Teacher bloggers are representing an entirely new facet of today's teacher. Teachers unafraid to take risks, learn new things {take trying to make a blog button, for example}, or to put themselves out there!

Many teachers would like to start sharing their thoughts with the teaching world but are unsure of where to start and how their items would stack up against what's already been set in place.

We've all been there. We remember those feelings. We're just on the other side of it at this point. Bloggers, remember that as you visit the newest blog that you come across. Readers, know that we care and that's why we pour the extra time and effort into you via our blogs.

Teaching blogs are just getting started. Many have come, many will stay and some will go. We look forward to seeing you develop a following that encourages teachers across the globe! What will be the lasting foundation?

Having said that here are some principles to help you build your blog and following with integrity: some basic rules to check yourself and a pledge. We updated the button to fit the needs of our teaching blog friends, but success principles don't change. Take the pledge? Feel free to display the badge.

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