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I am so excited to share with you all my guest post all about student motivation that was published today on the Marygrove College Master in the Art of Teaching Blog! It basically explains my Motivation Miracle program and how I do believe that all students (much like all adults) have different motivators and what works for one will not work for all. Something to consider when you are thinking about your own classroom behavior management plan!

When you stop by to read the post, please make sure to register for my FREE webinar as well which be held live on Wednesday, February 15th at 4 pm ET! I am so excited to be presenting a 30-minute webinar "Overcoming Organizing Obstacles," where I will talk about:
  • Effective ways to manage the piles of paper you accumulate every day
  • Simple and affordable bulletin board strategies
  • Tips for organizing students’ desks and supplies…plus much, much more!
Read more about it and register for the webinar now! When registering, also make sure to download the FREE behavior management ebook, that includes some ideas from me as well! You will be able to view the recording later if you are unable to attend the live session, but make sure you get registered now to lock in your spot!

See you there!

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