Time Out Tuesday!

As I was brainstorming what to post for Time Out Tuesday, I reached out to a fellow blogger for some inspiration. This time of year we are all teaching with urgency as we realize that more of our year has passed than what is lies before us. As we teach with urgency to reach even the most reluctant learner and teach with urgency to meet the differentiated needs of all learners, it is sometimes easy for us to get lost and lose sight of the goal at hand. There are times in any teaching life, we just need a little faith and prayer to get us through. I love The Teacher's Prayer, author unknown, because when I read it it instantly reminds me to slow down a little and think or perhaps take a Time Out to just reflect on my teaching. Those small moments to pause and reflect can be insightful and often times revealing. As I was reflecting upon the day this evening, I realized I should have said something to the child I was observing during math today. I was trying to soak in every single moment of her discovery so I would not forget it because I knew this milestone was just on the verge of happening last week. My personal Time Out Tuesday reminds me to go back and celebrate the milestone my student achieved with her and our class tomorrow. Ten years from now she will not remember that I recognized this milestone hours later, it is my hope that she will remember that I recognized it and celebrated it with her!
The inspiration for this post was from Mommy and Me Creations and the image above is from Pinterest uploaded by a user.

Mommy and Me Creations

If you are looking for a little more inspiration, check out this series Teaching with the Fruit of the Spirit by Teaching with TLC and The Moffatt Girls. What a great way to spend Time Out on Tuesdays! I will see you there!

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

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