Valentine Craft and FREEBIE

My little one and I sat down to make these little pom pom guys 
as Valentine gifts for her loved ones!  
(Aren't they sweet?)

We used the following:
❤ medium to large pom poms (for the bodies)
❤ foam hearts (for the feet)
❤ pipe cleaners for the antenna
❤ googly eyes (for the eyes of course)
❤ pen or thin writing utensil (to curl the antenna)
❤ glue to stick it all together (and to get your little ones' hands all sticky)
❤ long, thin paper (to write messages)

The directions are pretty simple: 
 Begin by writing a message on the paper.  In our case, my little one wrote her name, but you could have your students practice spelling some of their high frequency, CVC, or other words in messages like, "I like you!"  "You are fun!" "I love you!" "You are the best!" etc...
 Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pen to curl the antenna.  Then bend it in half and stretch it out to the desired shape and size.
 Then begin gluing!  Glue the paper to the foam heart feet, the pom pom to the paper (which is now glued to the foam heart feet of course), the antenna into the top of the pom pom (we found it best to spread the pom pom apart to glue down into the middle of it), and finally the googly eyes to the pom pom.

She is very excited to spread her LOVE this Valentine's Day!

Come on over and feel the love because I shared another Valentine FREEBIE this morning!
~ Mrs. McKown

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