April's Fools Day Freebie Packet!

When I am in the classroom, I use quite a bit of humor on a daily basis... I explain concepts using funny analogies, I make fun of myself when I make mistakes, and I friendly joke with the students to keep things light-hearted. I find that it's something that makes substitute days a little easier for me and the students, although I never like to be too serious.

Because this is my natural teaching style, April Fool's Day is one of my favorite holidays to bring into the classroom. Although, I tend not to incorporate the pranks, but tackle it more in terms of silliness. I invite students to share school-appropriate jokes with the class (and I have heard some really good ones over the years).

I also like to have students do a holiday-themed activity or two and maybe even have a packet for morning work and early finishers. I have had some trouble finding April Fool's Day activities beyond the word search, maze, and crossword puzzle, so I created a free April Fool's Day Activity Packet for free. You can find the link and more information on Sub Hub.

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