Calendar Pages {Freebie}

I'm entering into brave new territory... And I invite you to see where I'm headed! Why am I making a change (something I choose selectively into my life)?
  • So that my kinders will remain engaged
  • So that my kinders will participate at a new level
  • So that my "doer" kinders and my visual kinders will be able to draw on their strengths
  • So that I know I am doing my best to meet the needs of all my kinders and challenge them at the same time... all during...

I am embarking on a trip to using calendar binders in my classroom and I am sharing the pages that we are using this month. If you're working on Kindergarten Common Core Standards like adding to make sums of 10, composing and decomposing numbers, this might be a tool for you! I'll be sure to explain how I use each page and share my thoughts {Claim: I might be a little nervous about moving forward with it!} Click on the image to stop on by to see more about this change and grab those pages already created for free.

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