Color by Sight Word Sentences

Sight words are such an important component to a child's success in the reading journey!

What is a Sight Word?
Sight words are words that kids should read by sight, instantly and on demand. Although many sight words are phonetically decodable, it helps to memorize sight words so that the sense of what is being read is not lost by decoding every word.  When sight words are memorized, more focus can be placed on decoding less frequent words in a text.

 Here are some sight word statistics:
*12 sight words make up 25% of those we read and write
*100 sight word make up 50% of those we read and write
*About 300 sight words account for 75% of those we read and write

How do you teach sight words?
There are many different ways to teach sight words, and at The Moffatt Girls blog we have incorporated sight words into Ready2Read curriculum.  Our newest product helps teach, reinforce and master sight words in a FUN way...Coloring!!

Our Color by Sight Word Sentences works with all 40 Pre-Primer Dolch sight words.  The sight words on each coloring page are then turned into a sentences that children can read!!

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