Day One

Every year at this time, my mind is forced to think of kindergarten... day one. On day one we don't yet know what a line is, where the kleenex is, and no you can't use the bathroom yet, because I haven't taught you how to use it in our room... oh my. Well, this is the time of year when we are hosting our round up of all the kindergarten students in our area and my mind is gently reminded of how far we have come in 120+ days of school.

Over on KindergartenWorks, I am sharing preparation for day one. It's a freebie that helps me to really get to know my kinders (well, better than the forms my corporation provides) once parents register their child. With some inspiration from others seen online, we have pulled together our favorite questions to become equipped to start a new year.

Come on over and see what I really think this document should be titled as I share two essential questions that I try to figure out about my kinders as quickly as possible. Along with a tip about getting today's kinders to understand what "getting in line" means... join me as I think about next school year: day one.

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