Elapsed Time Video Story Problems and Linky Party

A video story problem is an easy way to bring the real world into your classroom through the use of video. Recently, my students created video story problems on elapsed time. The students were given the task to create a word problem that included an elapsed time problem.  They were responsible for writing the word problem and film it using a Flip camera.

The activity only took about 30 minutes from beginning to end. The rewards were great! The students had to understand the concept to create an effective video story problem. Collaboration was key for a better video. The videos were also publish on our class website for viewing by outsiders. Visit Teaching...My Calling for an example and a link to view each group's work. You will also find other ways to incorporate video story problems into your curriculum. There is also a Linky Party going on where you can share examples of video story problems that you or your students have created.

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