Free Homeschooling

I've written a page with all my best resources for free homeschooling. There are lots of things that parents can do to save money on homeschooling. Just because something is free, doesn't mean it is worthless. There are plenty of places to get free information from people who just like to share what they have and know.

I listed 5 places you can get free materials for homeschooling along with some places on the internet where you can look for more. Let's face it, when looking for free materials, you might have to trade some time for money. Having said that, though, learning can take place without money. Think of all the things you learned from your grandparents or parents that didn't cost anything. Sometimes the free things are even more valuable that the $2000 curriculum packages. Head on over to my site to get the full story complete with all the links you will need.

Free Homeschooling


How to Homeschool

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