Happy Seasonal Freebie Friday!

Hi all!  I just created 2 brand-new seasonal freebies for my newsletter subscribers yesterday, and thought I would share them out with TBA readers too!

The first is a set of labels that go with my Muffin Tin Supply Caddy blog post and video!  Take a gander at the video below, then head over to The Organized Classroom Blog to grab the labels to swap out the old for the new spring ones!

The second freebie is a set of March journal prompt cards - 31 in all and a blast for you and the students.  Great for bell work, a center activity, or maybe a homework journal, these super cute "getting to know you" cards can be used from year to year if you print on cardstock and laminate.  I love asking for a couple of volunteers to read their answers or for students to partner up and share some of their thoughts.  Please grab your set at The Organized Classroom Blog and enjoy!

Happy Freebie Friday everyone!

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