Hit or Miss: A Fun Game to Investigate

Looking for a fun game to play with your students that will help develop language skills, categorization strategies, and build community in the process?  Then this may be a game you'll enjoy!

I love board games. It brings me great JOY to get my students excited about a new game too!

The game is called "Hit or Miss" and I think it's particularly useful for my friends who are English Learners,--but I think most kids in fifth grade or older would have fun playing too. This game can also be fun to play at home as a family!

You need to look through the cards first, and you'll probably need to take some out (and definitely need to take a few out). Depending on your students, you can select the cards that are appropriate for use with your age group and language ability group. Once you've selected the cards, and practiced a few times, you're ready to play!

Want to learn more? Come on over to Finding Joy in 6th Grade to check out this fun game!

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