Inferring Magic at Into the Book!

My students are good readers, they are fluent readers, but they are stuck at their reading levels due to INFERRING!  Teaching readers to THINK/Infer when they read is an on going process but when these smarties of mine are reading 100+ words per minute the text complexity jumps way up!  These higher readers require much more sophisticated inferring skills.  Some of my readers don't have the prior knowledge yet.  I have been struggling to get my readers ready for this. We have changed our Reading Assessment to the Fountas and Pinnell running record readings and they are darn hard!  No more books, no more pictures, just passages from a text and inferring:)  I do secretly love that it is challenging my readers to grow and think when they are reading but it is hard for my students and their families not see them shoot through the levels like before.  Before when it was mostly about number of words in the text they were reading that set the level.

What to do?  What to do?  I dug back down deep into my bag of teacher tricks and pulled out an old friend!

I forgot how amazing this site is.  Into the Book is an interactive reading site that offers a place for teachers and students.  When you click the image above you will go to the main page.  Choose to view as a teacher to explore the site.  Choose as a student and you will need to simply type your name to get your FREE Code. There are videos to watch on your own or with the class.  I love for my students to see and hear other children inferring.  The site takes you through prior knowledge, visualizing, inferring and so much more.  I also sent this site to my parents because it is a great place for them to join in with their children and see which skill they are struggling with.

     What are some ways that you are teaching inferring in you classroom?  I would love to add to my bag of tricks!

Check out some of my reading resources that 
I use daily in my classroom! You will find strategies for both fluency and comprehension. 

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