Infringing Upon Civil Liberties......

I'm in need of some advice from all the great teachers out in blog land.  We just got a new student who is a stickler for his constitutional rights and doing things by the book!  During the last week, we've heard some interesting things such as:

* Telling him to be quiet in the media center is interfering with his freedom of speech.
* Asking him to place his stickers only inside his folder is imposing upon his civil liberties.

There's been more that he's said which you can read on my blog, but I believe he's going to keep us on his toes!  In the meantime, I've been trying to think of ways we could improve his behavior.  Since he's such a stickler for rules, I made this poster (there are 3 versions) that you can download for free.  I hope it helps and can act like a social story for him.

I'd love some advice from you guys on how to handle a student that is so driven (by the rules as he applies them) and logical!  Any advice is appreciated.

I've also composed a list of all the special ed bloggers that I know about and included them in my latest blog post.  Please take a minute to check out my list (especially if you're a special ed blogger).  We're such a small group that I like to know as many of you as possible.  If you're not on the list, please let me know, so I can add you!

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