Insect Vision & a Freebie

Friends~I love teaching about insects.  With spring in the air I have been organizing all of the centers that I plan to use with my students.  Below you will find a FREE center response sheet for my Compound Eye center.  It is super easy to put together and I always make a compound eye for all of my students as souvenirs of their work.
 (I of course encourage them to teach their family all about it too!)

Here is peek at my Science Center during our study of insects. 
I add my Compound Eye materials to this center after I introduce the information about insects and their vision.
All that you will need is a bundle of about 15-20 straws.  I cut them into 3 sections and then rubber band them.  That is how I create my compound eyes.  I also add pictures for the students to look at.  I use student portraits or nature pictures.  (Any picture will work.) 

My students then complete the response sheet below.  Click the image to download a FREE copy!

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