Kindergarten Timed Tests

I proudly announced to my husband today that I have SEVEN recess duties left! Which really means, yep... seven weeks left of school. Wow, I'm not one to count down starting so soon but knowing that there are only two calendar months left to accomplish all that we have to do is quite... something.

Looking to continue on in our move forward I recently shared with KindergartenWorks readers about building my kinders skills in math, especially with these standards:
  • K.OA.5.a. Add fluently, orally or in writing, within 5.
  • K.OA.5.b. Subtract fluently, orally or in writing, within 5.
We've worked on them in many different ways and I know we have not yet arrived! So in brainstorming with my favorite teacher down the hall, we determined the right move was to bring in a "timed test," helping them develop their confidence in the skills they've learned and see growth. What?! A timed test in Kindergarten? I made them as kinder friendly and parent friendly as possible. Starting out at five minutes, so far this week it has gone great giving them a trial run. I gained a lot of insight from watching my kinders give it a go, seeing a base line of how they were solving completely on their own and in what time frame they could accomplish it. My goal has been focusing on understanding our math concepts, but this standard is structured differently because after all it does say fluently and in writing.

You may not want to use these as a typical timed tests in your classroom, but give 'em a dollar tree timer and photocopy these onto overheads and place them into a center. Independent work just feels fun when you're allowed to use a vis-a-vis marker!

You'll notice that the first download has a parent explanation sheet. Yet each one has a parent note that I am copying on the back for parent help. I've learned that helping teach parents the same strategies has been as important as teaching the kinders. The last few tests increase in number of equations to help build their stamina. If you grab one or pin this, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share a comment below!

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