Kitties, Ordinal Numbers, Bookmaking, and More...

After a bath...
After the recent loss of our kitty, we've been celebrating her nine-plus lives by thinking of all the crazy things she did. This was the cat who...
  • got sprayed by a skunk. 
  • enjoyed hopping from my van to the top of our open garage door where she'd sit, peering over the edge at me.
  • would fly through any open house door just to find a hiding place under the nearest bed. 
We loved her.

So what does this have to do with teaching and learning? We've spent school time remembering her as we explore ordinal numbers, write pop-up books, and read books about cats and their nine lives. I hope you'll join us over at love2learn2day and see how you can turn ordinary events into educational experiences...and allow kids to process big feelings, all at the same time!

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