Let's Karate Chop into Reading!

Friends~I have been on the search for great programs to bring better fluency lessons, inferring lessons, and lessons to motivate my readers in class.  Well, I have found a great one!  Reading Karate from Primary Education Oasis. 

My 2nd Graders are hooked on earning their reading "BELTS" through reading and response challenges from Reading Karate.  Check out our Karate People for recording our progress.  The images come along with the download and I just added my student's heads!
 Several of my students are working towards their 2nd belt this week.  Just by reading and completing the challenge assignments.

Head over to The Schroeder Page and watch a video about how I am using the program in my classroom.  
If you have reluctant readers...Reading Karate is a MUST!

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