More and Less

I sometimes forget that my little ELD learners don't come to school with the exposure to concepts and language skills as some of their classmates.  It is often during my small group or one-on-one time that I realize they are missing key components to their foundation.  A good example was when we were working with size.  When we came to the vocabulary words "heavier" and "lighter"  many of my kids didn't know what the word lighter meant.  A few knew its homophone as in a lighter for a candle.  Next week we will be continueing our work with "more" and "less".  We've done a little bit using objects, now it is time to see if they can do it using numbers.  Of course I will need to scaffold the activities for my ones who need lots of support.  For them, we'll be using unifix cube towers along with the number cards.  They will get some counting and one-to-one correspondence practice in too.  We will also be using the math mat I created to help them recognize the symbols and we will be doing some TPR with our arms to represent the symbols as well.  Come on over to my blog and get your own copy of my Math Mat, Number Cards and Symbol Cards.

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    Having great difficulty getting my students to understand more/less heavier and lighter...if you have any lessons that you use could you email Thanks!


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