New Teacher Tool Announced Today!

 Find Free Lessons and Resources plus Store them to Easily Find for Later

If you're like me, you are probably finding a ton of online resources that you like to bookmark, save, Pin, Tweet, Facebook, etc.  However, when it comes to retrieving that resource, you can't always find it quickly.  ClassConnect solves this!  

If you're use to saving files in Microsoft Word, you will LOVE saving your videos, files, documents, PowerPoints, websites, blog posts, and more - all in one place: ClassConnect.  That is right - you can save your cute YouTube video link and your printable all in one place, one file, one username/password - how easy!  You can create folders just like you do in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and start saving links and more.  

The added bonus... when you show a video from YouTube and view it from ClassConnect - there are no ads that pop up like they do on the YouTube page.  Another added bonus... if you're pulling up a document or a file, you don't have to wait for it to load or open.  It quickly pops up under ClassConnect, so there is no need to even open up Microsoft Word.  ClassConnect will open the file without Microsoft Word.  It's a magical tool.  

I've been saving ALL of my content here.  I have folders for math, language arts, spelling, etc... Within each folder, I save all of my favorite online resources, lessons, printables, activities, etc...  

Try it out and sign up for free - just {click here} to get started saving your favorites!

P.S.  you'll also love browsing other teacher's favorites, too!  This makes planning and searching so easy... just look how much Pinterest has helped find ideas.  Now, ClassConnect can find lessons, ideas, websites, videos, files, and more!! 

Teachers are using ClassConnect to:   

  • Find great resources and lessons (saving them a ton of time!)
  • Organize all of their lessons into one place
  • Build lessons collaboratively with teachers across the hall & around the world   
  • Share lessons with students, parents, colleagues & the world

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